Ultimate Badass Birth Coping Kit


This kit has everything needed to focus on and relax all of your senses through labor and birth. It's good to have a plan and some tools to try during labor and a lot of these things can be used in the immediate postpartum time as well. Here is everything that is included in this amazing box or goodness!

Badass Affirmation Cards for sweary birth positivity- (to see this deck, check it out here https://mothershipangiehotz.com/listing/540307657/badass-labor-and-birth-affirmations )

Fairy lights with clips to hang your affirmation cards. Also a nice light to nurse by.

Breathing beads- each bead is a breath cycle. Inhale courage, exhale fear. Inhale your body is strong and wise, exhale sink into the moment and let it wash over you. The big focal bead is your reminder to relax your face, drop your shoulders, and relax your hands.

Three Washington wildflower honey sticks for some quick energy and sweetness.

Healing amethyst crystal point. You can use it as a focal point during contractions. Amethyst represents healing and creativity. It is a fantastic support crystal and perfect for birth and postpartum.

Focal spell jar for grounding and connection to the heart- salt, lavender, roses, hawthorn berries, quartz crystals, peridot, dandelion root, carnelian, witch hazel, turquoise

A little portable fan to cool you down during all the hard work.

A massager for your partner or doula to rub your back with.

A candle to light and send a prayer out to the universe to all the other badass birthing women around the world.

Handmade healing salve for anywhere on your body that you want whether it's your hands, feet, back or use it as a bottom balm or nipple butter after birth.

Lavender essential oil that was distilled by me, in my copper alembic still, here in the beautiful PNW. The carrier oil is apricot seed oil. Roll it on your wrists and temples for some instant relaxation.

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