Mini Badass Affirmations Pocket Sized Sweary Positivity


This mini pocketsized deck has 22 affirmations with a bonus full sized card also included. On the backs of 16 of the cards there are added affirmations and tools for calming the fuck down and getting grounded. So, if you tape them on the inside of your planner make sure you only tape one side so you can read that back for added motivation and love notes.

The cards have the following sayings juxtaposed onto images of love, light, and sassiness!

Inhale....Exhale........and let that shit fucking go.

Today is a new fucking day. Today is a fresh start.

I don't have to be perfect to be fucking awesome.

My heart is big and bold and full of fucking LOVE.

I invite mother nature to nourish my weary fucking soul.

I promise not to be a fucking dick today.

I'm scared, and I'm going to fucking do it anyways.

I am going to adult like a fucking boss today.

I am going to have a warm beverage today and fucking celebrate myself.

I vow to notice the little things today and have so much fucking gratitude.

I am totally fucking enough.

My brains are so fucking smart. I can and will figure this out.

I am going to drink enough water today. I am fucking worth it.

Suck it up buttercup and do the fucking work.

I'm a badass and I've totally fucking got this.

I am brave and fierce and can do really fucking hard things.

Today I will open my heart to fucking possibility.

I rocked the shit out of paying those fucking bills.

My gut knows whats up. I will trust that bad bitch.

I am going to be my authentic fucking self today.

Today, I will check in with a friend. We need each other in this wackadoodle fucking world.

Another door will always fucking open.

Beautiful High quality cards very claming to read

Using these for my valentines gifts for friends so beautiful and helpful honestly

these are really cool, look as described. fast shipping

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