Labor and Birth Affirmation Cards with beautiful full color photographs and realistic down to earth affirmation sayings


Childbirth is magical and joyful but it is also really hard work. Help yourself get through with these unique Birth Affirmations card deck. These will help you reduce fear and increase confidence while being beautiful and motivating at the same time. I am a doula and student midwife and these are tried and true sayings for labor and birth!

You will receive 22 full color 4x6 affirmation cards and one bonus BRAINDED card in every deck.

The affirmation card sayings are as follows
This will not last forever. Birth is temporary but the love is everlasting.

I am never alone. My baby is on this crazypants journey with me. We will do this together.

I surrender to the process of giving birth.

60 seconds. I can hang on for 60 seconds. Then I get a break.

I've totally freakin got this.

Inhale....exhale.......let the tension go.

Down and out. Down and out. Down. Down. Down. Down and out baby!

Amniotic fluid is beautiful, baby floating, goddess nectar.

My body blooms to let my body out. Just like the flower knows, my body knows.

Through my entire labor I spend more time in-between contractions than the contractions themselves.

I relax my face, drop my shoulders, and open my hands.

My baby wiggles and turns and spirals their way through me.

I am brave and strong and can do hard things.

I turn my no into yes. This is the way to bring my baby.

I ride the waves and stay focused.

I find my happy place and go with the flow.

Pregnant people all over the world are birthing with me right now. I am not alone.

I let the power and intensity flow through me. I will not run away from it.

One contraction at a time until my baby's birthday.

Soften, open, release.

I trust my baby. My body is awesome. My body can birth my baby.

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These are PERFECT for the mom that doesn't appreciate the fine wine that is the F word but also doesn't need all the flowery words of other affirmation cards.

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