Badass Student Affirmation Cards


These sweary, edgy affirmation cards are made just for students, students just like me. These were made in brilliant moments of procrastination while I should have been writing a fucking paper....or three.
The affirmation cards are full color printed on thick cardstock and measure 4x6.
They come in a set of 5 4x6 size cards AND a set of 5 mini cards as a bonus!!!

The cards read:
"Write the fucking paper."
"Don't second-guess yourself. You know the fucking answers."
"I am going to ace this fucking test."
"Get off Facebook and fucking study."
'My brains can and will absorb this fucking information."

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SUCH AWESOME CARDS!!! There is nothing like this out there. Get them!!! They will crack you up AND boost your self esteem!!

These are amazing! Choosing one card a day to sit at my desk helped push me through classes. Love these!!

Awesome and unique cards, fast and safe shipping, thanks for the extras! :-)

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