Non-sweary but Just as Badass Everyday Affirmation Cards Deck for Positive Living


Everyday life is a mixed bag. It can be joyous and blissful and it can be stressful and overwhelming. And holy craptarts, It can be many things all at the same time and you can feel lots of big feels all at the same time. Help yourself get through with these unique and original affirmation cards designed for everyday positivity and confidence.

So many people begged for non-sweary affirmations and I am delivering! Same gorgeous photos and catchy sayings. Need to post one at work or where kids might read it or maybe hand one to a friend at church or a teacher? These are for you!

In each deck, you will get 25 4x6 full color cards and one surprise card!

The affirmations are as follows:

Yes you can get through today because you are a motherfudging unicorn.

Inhale….exhale……..and let that shiznit effing go.

I left the house today and I rocked it like a Queen.

I am going to drink enough water today because I am worth it.

I don’t have to be perfect to be awesomesauce.

My brains are the bomb freakin diggity.

I valiantly open my heart to possibility.

I am going to feed my body nourishing food today because I totally deserve it.

I am going to have a warm beverage today and gosh darn celebrate myself.

I am a gosh darn bleepin’ force to be reckoned with.

Inhale….exhale……..and let that shiznit effing go.

I can sit with really big feelings and I am still ok.

Even though I am afraid, I will be flippin brave anyways.

I am a grown up human being and I do whatever the sweet blue blazes I want.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

Dear stress,
screw you.

I am an amazingly strong, competent, take no shuzzbutt, speak my mind, forward thinking rock star.

My gut knows what’s up. I will trust that bad babe.

I am brave and fierce and I can do really hard things.

Suck it up buttercup. I’ve totally freakin got this.

I vow to notice the little things today and have lots of gratitude.

I rocked the snickerdoodle out of paying those flappin bills today.

Mother of Pearl! I am totally and absolutely enough.

My heart is big and bold and full of love.

I am going to let mother nature nourish the shiitake mushrooms outta my soul today.

I AM so going to be my authentic self today.

Reviews (5)


I used these as part of a Girls Weekend goodie bag. They were a hit!

These cards are huge. But the messages were solid.

I love this! I wish this was on thicker stock paper, but other than that, I have been pulling from this everyday. Love💜💜💜

Awesome and unique cards, fast and safe shipping, thanks for the extras! :-)

Bought these for a friend <3

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