Badass Movement Motivation Affirmation Cards Deck for Cheering Yourself On as You Get Healthy


Need a little more than the typical flowery affirmations? These edgy and sweary affirmations will help you get through.

These badass affirmation cards are for any body who moves their body. Any sport and all levels.

There are 30 beautiful full color affirmation cards in each deck.
The affirmations are as follows~

One foot in front of the fucking other.

Today I will get my head out of my body’s fucking way.

My body is strong, capable, and fucking wise.

Each step brings me closer to my fucking goal.

Suck it up buttercup. You can fucking do this!

Resting is badass too and I will fucking rest today.

I will feed my body nourishing food because I fucking deserve it.

I will make friends with hard fucking work.

I fucking believe in myself. I fucking believe in myself. I fucking believe in myself.

I am strong. I am grounded. I am fucking powerful.

I fucking bend so I don’t break.

I am ready and fucking motivated.

I will meet my fucking goals.

I can make it to the next fucking tree.

Get up and do the work right fucking now.

Sweat is fucking goddess dew.

Hustle for that fucking muscle.

I am seeing what happens when I don’t give up.

Someday this will just be my fucking warm up.

I am so fucking confident right now.

I am my own biggest fucking cheerleader.

I don’t have to go fast, I just have to fucking go.

I welcome this fucking magnificent transformation.

Today I will fucking show love for myself by moving my fucking body.

I am so fucking proud of myself.

I am fucking consistent.

Sore, tired, out of breath, sweaty. Good, it's fucking working.

I will hydrate the shit out of my body today.

I find my rhythm and go with the fucking flow.

Today I will focus on progress instead of perfection

These are just what I needed! Shipped quickly, well done

I'm motivated to workout now! Love these cards they speak my language!

The cards are nice with inspiring messages...on one side. The back is just plain white cardstock😕. I wish these were a little more polished like oracle or tarot cards. I will still use them for gym motivation😁

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