Badass Body Positivity Affirmation Cards Deck For Loving Your Amazing Body


Everybody has a body and we only get one. Some days it's hard to love that body. These badass affirmation cards can help you remember to that you are amazing and you deserve to be treated with love, respect, and kindness.

In each deck of affirmation cards you get 25 full color badass affirmation cards that measure 4x6".

The cards are as follows:

I don’t need to change my body, I just need to change my fucking mindset

My body can do amazing fucking things.

My body doesn’t have to be perfect to be fucking awesome.

I can have fat, be fat, and still be fucking magnificent.

My body doesn’t fucking define me.

Loving my body is so easy. I just look down and say, “hey body, I fucking love you”.

I do have a beach body. I put on a fucking bathing suit and there it is.

So what if I am.

Your approval is neither desired nor required. Because I am fucking enough.

I am beautifully flawed and I fucking love ME.

Today I will fucking embrace my uniqueness and celebrate my authenticity.

Today I will get out of my own fucking way.

I am more than a fucking before and after photo.

Today I will have a fucking attitude of gratitude.

Today I will be a magnet for some amazing fucking positivity.

Today I will be my own fucking cheerleader.

Today I will focus on progress and not fucking perfection.

I am a grown ass human being and I do whatever the fuck I want

I am fucking in love with taking care of my body.

My mind, body, and heart are the fucking bomb diggity.

I will nourish to fucking flourish

I fucking believe in myself

I radiate my self love like fucking sunshine.

I trust my gut. That bad bitch knows what the fuck is up.

I deserve to be healthy and feel fucking good about myself.

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I really needed these. My kind of motivation 😁❤

I gave these as a gift. The recipient said, "That is the most kickass f***ing deck of oracle cards in the history of f***ing oracle cards. THEY WILL GUIDE MY LIFE FOREVER."

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