Everyday Badass Affirmation Card Deck for Daily Positive Vibes and Self Love


Everyday life is a mixed bag. It can be joyous and blissful and it can be stressful and overwhelming. And holy craptarts, It can be many things all at the same time and you can feel lots of big feels all at the same time. Help yourself get through with these unique and original affirmation cards designed for the everyday.

Need a little more than the typical flowery affirmations? These edgy and sweary affirmations will help you get through.

In the deck, you will get 23 4x6 color cards and 2 FREE SURPRISE CARDS are included. You get a total of 25 full color affirmation cards

The affirmations are as follows

I fucking left the house today and I rocked it like a badass.

I am going to drink enough water today because I’m fucking worth it.

I don’t have to be perfect to be fucking awesome.

My brains are the fucking bomb diggity.

I open my heart to fucking possibility.

I am going to feed my body nourishing food today because I fucking deserve it.

I am going to have a warm beverage today and fucking celebrate myself.

I am a badass and I’ve fucking got this.

Inhale….exhale……..and let that shit fucking go.

Even though I am afraid, I will be fucking brave anyways.

I am a grown ass lady and I do whatever the fuck I want

Nevertheless, she fucking persisted.

Dear stress,
fuck you.

I am an amazingly strong, competent, take no shit, speak my mind, forward thinking badass.

My gut knows what’s up. I will trust that bad bitch.

I am brave and fierce and I can do hard fucking things.

Suck it up buttercup. I’ve totally fucking got this.

I vow to notice the little shit today and have lots of fucking gratitude.

I rocked the shit out of paying those fucking bills today

I am totally fucking enough.

My heart is big and bold and full of fucking love.

I am going to let mother nature nourish the shit out of my soul today.

I am going to be my authentic fucking self today

I have every set of affirmation cards that Angie has in her store, because they inspire me just that much!

Absolutely the coolest affirmation cards out there!! I got them for my friends who are going through chemo and who rocking the sh** out of it!!! They will LOVE these cards!! It will make them laugh and remember how awesome they are. THANK YOU!!!

it even comes in a cute bag! be careful opening the package so you don't accidentally clip the bag.

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