Badass Labor and Birth Affirmations Cards Deck for Confidence in Childbirth


Childbirth is magical and joyful but it is also really hard work. Help yourself get through with these unique and original Badass Birth Affirmations card deck. These will help you reduce fear and increase confidence!

Need a little more than the typical flowery affirmations? These edgy and sweary affirmations will help you get through transition or any part of labor.

In the deck, you will get 21 4x6 color cards and 2 FREE SURPRISE CARDS are included.

The affirmations are as follows:

"I AM a badass and I've fucking got this."

"I welcome the amniotic fluid because it's fucking goddess nectar"

"60 fucking seconds. I can hang on for 60 fucking seconds."

"Tons of badass bitches are birthing with me all over the world right now."

"My body opens like a big ass beautiful fucking flower."

"I trust my body because it's fucking awesome."

"Suck it up buttercup, I AM birthing this fucking baby."

"I am never alone. My baby is on this crazy ass journey with me."

"Down and out, baby. Down and out, baby. Down and fucking out."

"I find my happy place and go with the fucking flow."

"This will NOT last for fucking ever."

" I let this power and intensity flow right fucking through me."

"I ride the fucking waves and stay focused on my breath."

"Birth is SciFi, Spiritual, Messy, and Fucking Beautiful."

"Soften Open Fucking Release"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I can totally fucking do this."

"Nevertheless, she fucking persisted."

"I can sit with really big fucking feeling and I am still ok."

"Even though I am anxious and afraid, I will be fucking brave anyways."


"I guide my baby earthside like a fucking boss. My body and soul know the way."

"Get that oxytocin fucking flowing. Swim in it. I let it fill me with love and safety."

I am so excited to use these at my birth. 😍 they are so much prettier in person than pictures show. I’m not the flowery sweet kind of girl and these were prefect for me. Love the sayings. Fast shipping. Great service.

These cards are PERFECT! Thank you so much! I’m a birth doula and I cannot wait to use them.

THESE ARE F***NG AMAZING!!! I’m all for the sweet, soft, cozy birthing affirmation cards out there but these rock my world AND make me LAUGH!!! I read them daily even though I’m 6 months away from birthing. I love them so much!!!

The cards are beautiful! The sayings are just right and I love the cute little bag they came in.

Superfast shipping and kind communication by the seller. Truly love this item, these upfront affirmation cards are truly unique. Gave them to my friend at her birthday shower. Hope she'll find her way using these haha. I definately had a blast ordering them and would surely recommend this shop to others.

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