Badass Postpartum Affirmation Cards Deck for Positive Parenting with Confidence and Edginess


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Everyday life is a mixed bag especially when you are trying to raise tiny humans. It can be joyous and blissful and it can be stressful and overwhelming. And holy craptarts, It can be many things all at the same time and you can feel lots of big feels all at the same time. Help yourself get through with these unique and original affirmation cards designed for the postpartum time.

Need a little more than the typical flowery affirmations? These edgy and sweary affirmations will help you get through.

In the deck, you will get 22 6x4 color cards and 2 FREE SURPRISE CARDS are included. You get a total of 22 full color affirmation cards

The Badass Postpartum Affirmations are as follows:

I am a badass mother and i've totally fucking got this.

I will take time for self care because I fucking deserve it.

I feed my baby like a fucking boss.

I make tired look fucking sexy.

Wear my baby like a fucking superhero.

I will shower today and if not, thats fucking ok too.

Stretch marks are fucking goddess stripes.

The house is not on fire, no one is bleeding, everyone has eaten. Fucking winning today.

I don’t have to be perfect to be fucking awesome.

Tons of badass bitches feeding babies today all over the world with me right now.

I’m a diaper changing badass. I’ve got this mom thing.

Faking it til you make it is still fucking doing it.

This is a season and it WILL fucking pass.

I work hard, feel all the feels, and I will be kind to myself.

Holy shit... They are my fucking monkeys and my fucking circus.

I will ask for help when I need it.

A clean house is fucking overrated. My time is precious.

No shame in needing a tribe and I will lean on them for support.

My kids love me and think I am the fucking bomb dot com just as I am.

My gut knows what's up. I will trust that bad bitch.

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