Everyday Kit with Sweary Affirmation Cards, Breathing Beads Bracelet, Amethyst Crystal Cluster, Vinyl Sticker, and Spell Bottle


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This portable badass positive vibes kit consists of sweary affirmation cards, breathing beads, and an amethyst crystal cluster. To use, try sitting with the breathing beads, and focus on the affirmation cards with your breath, and hold the amethyst to focus that energy into healing and channeling the energy.

Everyday Affirmation cards for some super sweary everyday positivity! To see the cards in the deck, go here https://mothershipangiehotz.com/listing/546036809/everyday-badass-affirmation-card-deck

Amethyst cluster for focus and healing. Amethyst is a stone of creativity and is considered a powerful healing stone.

Breathing beads bracelet- each bead is a breath cycle of inhale and exhale. Inhale courage, exhale fear. Inhale your body is strong and wise, exhale sink into the moment and let it wash over you. The big focal bead is your reminder to relax your face, drop your shoulders, and relax your hands.

Spell bottle contains coffee, salt from the great salt lake gifted by a friend, lavender and rose flowers, hawthorn berries, cloves, rose quartz, amazonite, rosemary and sage.

Bonus water bottle sticker to remind you that people value you and you belong to a community.

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