Star Shine Breathing Beads


Breathing beads are my favorite way to find my center and get grounded. It can be hard to stay focused on your breath when you are feeling anxious of have a big surge of adrenaline. It helps to have something to remind you when you see it and stay focused as you hold it.

Practicing with breathing beads is a great way to slow things down and find your breath again.

Each bead is a breath cycle of inhale and exhale. The big center bead is your reminder to relax your face, drop your shoulders, relax your hands.
Focus on your breath and even pair the breath with affirmations.
Start with the big bead and then hold each bead with your thumb and middle finger for an inhale and exhale and then move to the next bead.

This is a great tool for practicing for labor and birth and this bracelet can even be used by anxious kiddos too. Use everyday and anytime you need to find your center.

The beads on this bracelet are as follows:
Artist made lamp work focal bead
Swarovski crystal beads and crystal star charm
Tigers eye for grounding
Amethyst for healing and creativity
Peach moonstone for balance
Sandalwood for warmth (this is great for putting essential oils on as well)
Stretch cords fits most wrists

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